Meet the Author

Chelsea Workman is a new blogger specializing in heartfelt, human, quirky and educational content.


A native of Columbus, Ohio, she left the comfort of her hometown behind in order to pursue an international education in Germany. Since making this pivotal decision, her life has changed for the better and she’s grateful for the opportunities, personal growth, intercultural experiences and fresh perspective she has gained.

Chelsea’s passions include health & wellbeing and social & sustainable business and she hopes to use this platform as a way to bring awareness to these issues and influence change in the field of human resource management and beyond.

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“Chelsea was a fantastic person to work with, and I can only congratulate anyone who will get this opportunity in the future. She is incredibly passionate about work and brings personal commitment, ideas and inspiration to everything she does. I was impressed with her research and intellectual work as well as her social skills and genuine friendliness. She has the ability to think ahead and to create sustainable solutions and strategies.”

– Katharina Grabner, Marketing and Public Relations Officer, The English Teacher Training College

“Chelsea was empathetic and endeavored to understand the needs and desires of those with whom she worked, as well as those to whom she was recruiting or marketing to – an approach which is often lacking in stressful fast-paced modern workplaces.”

– Scott Torrance, Admissions Officer, The English Teacher Training College