Here you can find a list of recommended resources from the people who inspire Honesty with Chelsea.

Richard West / Parting the Waves

Psychologist, spiritual facilitator, and creator of Parting the Waves, Richard has created a number of resources aimed at helping people find wholeness within themselves and overcome challenges of relationships and dependency.

He is the author of the book Awakening through Change and creator of the online course Overcoming Relationship Dependency. You can download his free e-book here: Completing the Cycle: The 5 Essentials of Truly Conscious Relating.

Honesty Europe

Honesty Europe is a family business bringing Radical Honesty to Europe though their transformational in-person and online workshops. Together, married couple and certified Radical Honesty trainers Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan expertly coach participants and clients as they learn to tell the truth, live out loud, and find more love and connection in relationships.

Check out their YouTube channel here.

Sinja Anna / The Amarum Café

Vedic Awareness

Mayank’s Movement