Color psychology 101: How colors affect mood in interior design

Rarely are we consciously aware of how our interior design and color choices affect our mood, emotions, and behavior. Nevertheless, our environment has a psychological effect on our subconscious. So however you design your home or your office, it is even scientifically proven that it influences your mood and emotions.

Try this out when you have time – walk through your home and see how your emotions change as you go from one room to another. You might be surprised how much you notice from this mindful exercise.

As color psychology in interior design is often overlooked, I recommend and invite you to learn more about how your interior design affects you and the people living in your home.

Now let’s look at the different colors and the effects. You can see and feel for yourself, what fits you best, and which kind of emotions you want to evoke in each room. Or you might want to explore which color you want to use more often or less. Let’s explore the world of colors and moods.


Let’s start with WHITE as this is one of the most present colors in modern spaces. White evokes reflection within you and it makes your mood tender and pure. White is also associated with truth, cleanliness, youth and modernity.


RED is associated with fire and passion and inspires you to action. Red intensifies your confidence and makes your mood excited, vital and ready for action. It is a powerful color.


So is BLACK as well – powerful and provides restful emptiness and strong emotions. Be careful with using too much black in a room, it can make you feel inconspicuous.


ORANGE activates, stimulates and brings warmth. As this color is a mix of red and yellow, it brings together the confidence of red and the cheerfulness of yellow.


The calmer version is BROWN. If you want to feel rooted and secure, this is your color! Brown is associated with self realization, reliability, earth, trust and courage.


BLUE is calming and relaxing. It evokes intuition. This color is often used in bathrooms and bedrooms. And you can use this color also in other places to push your concentration.


GREY is a very common color in modern interior design. The influence on our mood – it makes us quite and reserved. So my tip is, don`t use too much of grey in your home as it can become a little bit depressing. And if you combine it, grey becomes more neutral. Otherwise grey is associated with wisdom, intellect and professionalism.


YELLOW is a communication booster and yellow is also the shining star as it boosts your happiness and brings joy. This color is also associated with optimism, warmth and friendliness.


The contrast color to yellow is VIOLET. This color encourages your creativity. This color can make you playful, productive and also bring happiness to your life. Violet is also associated to wealth, royalty and magic.


We associate GREEN with nature and it has a very calming effect mentally and physically. Studies have even proven that when we surround ourselves with green, it lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety (as blue does as well). The effect on our mood – green brings harmony.


Do you like PINK? This romantic color relieves stress and makes you lighthearted. It is also associated with reducing pain, femininity, youth, happiness and carefree days of childhood.

Color psychology is used significantly in branding and marketing. But it’s also a powerful interior design tool that has more of an impact on your general mood in the room than other factors. So when you choose colors for your home it’s key to think FIRST about the kind of atmosphere you want to create and which colors will help you achieve this. 

And of course, color theory applies not only to interior design! You can support the mood you want to evoke in yourself by using matching colors.

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Start with a stunning rug, the rest will fall into place.

I wish you great choices for how you surround yourself with colors in your home! For more insights into how colors affect your mood, check out the video below.