Where I’m at: September 27, 2020

I want to challenge myself to write a short blog post.

I have a story that every blog article should be sufficiently long to cover the entire topic, be well researched, etc.

I tend to start a lot of new blog posts and then never get around to finishing them.

I tend to start a lot of new projects and don’t always see them through to completion.

I tend to get excited about a lot of different things, and then exhaust myself in the process of trying to do them all.

I’ve gotten myself into a lot of commitments, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of events in my calendar, the number of people depending on me to finish work, and the number of ‘shoulds’ I have in my head at any given point in time.

The time has come where I need to set boundaries, say no to new opportunities, in favor of allowing myself to just be at any given point in time.

We’ve all become so busy. So productive. So inspiring. So aspirational.

We’re still glorifying people not setting clear boundaries, the ‘yes’ people, the ones who make it all happen, who do and do and do until they can look back and be proud on all they’ve accomplished.

But at what cost?

Where is the praise for the farmer? The gardener? The stay at home mom or dad? The ones who simply tend to the business, the call of everyday life. Those who, living in the moment, do what it asks of them – not more or less. Washing the dishes. Taking out the trash. Caring for the child. Feeding the cat.

Where has the simplicity gone?

Or better yet: where does simplicity fit into the schedules of us 21st century men and women, who have come to believe we should have and do it all?

How do you make yourself busy? How do you cultivate simplicity in your life?

P.S. I like this post format. I think I will make a new series of posts called ‘Chelsea’s Diary’ or something similar, reporting ‘where I’m at’ at any given moment. I will attach a photo from that moment. What do you think about this idea?