4 Tips from a Life Coach on Getting Paid to Do What You Love

What is even better than loving what you do? Getting paid to do what you love!

In this article, Radical Honesty practitioner, life coach, and cancer survivor Stefan Beyersdorfer shares his experiences and insights on how to get paid to do the work you love!

You can spend hours and hours trying to find fulfillment in the job that you are working in or even with your self employment or company. You can tell yourself that earning money is always hard work and consists of doing things one doesn’t like doing. You can tell yourself that you should be happy with what you currently do.

Until you get in touch with your unique genius and experience it expressing itself in this world. From the moment on when you experience this, your life will never be the same again.

Very subtle maybe at first, but gradually it will change you. The old concepts about who you are and what you should do will not fit anymore. You will have to make a conscious effort to ignore this truth in you and stay on your old ground.

There is a genius in you; find it!

Now how do you find your unique gift? Let me first tell you how you will NOT find it: by thinking. The truth is not an answer, it is an action. There is an action that is your unique way of expressing your love to the world. When you do it, you are in bliss.

When people receive / consume / witness what you create in this state, they will be touched by your love and eventually connect to their own potential to love. The more time you spend with this action, the more fulfilled you will feel. Spending enough time there will transform your whole being.

A few years ago, when I was an IT consultant, I felt that something big was missing in my life. I was successful in that career and could have climbed up the ladder further. And yet I felt hollow and not fulfilled. In the middle of 2019 I met my mentor who essentially told me to “just fucking do it” and start with something that I was excited about.

After my first workshop in communication, several others followed where I tried out different things. Now, one year later I still try out many different ways of supporting others, and creativity is flowing. What is even better, I get paid for having these experiences while I support others.

The truth is not an answer, it is an action.

Connect with your curiosity.

In the process of finding your genius action, we are first looking for your curiosity and excitement. When we are kids, we are very much connected to this quality in us that naturally knows what to do next and where to go. We just follow our curiosity to wherever we get attracted to.

Later we take on many concepts about how we should be and what is good and what is bad etc. ,that we very rarely go for what really attracts us. We eventually even loose the connection to our curiosity and live out of a fixed concept of who we are and what we should do. We got “realistic” and know what we can expect from life and what we can’t.

You can only experience it (not think about it).

How about we fuck all that and start digging deep into ourselves, through the concepts, through the fear of rejection and attachment to material security and reach into that region within ourselves where all these raw desires live. How about we take a sip from this hidden lake deep down and let ourselves be transformed bit by bit. How about we start doing something we desire to do, something that we get excited about when we think about it, and start offering this as a tiny service to others.

No matter what it is that you want to experience, create or give – there is at least one other person on the planet who wants to have what you offer or share the experience with you. There are people who want to hear what you have to say. There are people who want to watch while you are on stage. The money that people will pay you is printed already and even the stage is built already. What you have to do is find those people and find that stage and step on it.I ’m using the stage as a metaphor here. Put anything you can imagine instead of it.

Start small and have your experiences in various directions. Every experience that you have creates a reference point in the actual world. Over time you will find out what REALLY suits you instead of thinking about what you should like or should be doing. And it may change gradually over time.

Alan Watts puts it this way: “The essential principle of business, of occupation in the world, is this: figure out a way in which you get paid for playing.”

Don’t wait – start today!

Find what you love doing and then find a way to create a service to others out of it. This may sound like a nice concept to you and you might ask yourself: how am I supposed to find out what it is?

You start off by asking this question. You start off by taking a small action and let the way show itself to you. This will not happen when you sit on your couch. You will have to go out and do something. You will have to ask people who are well-disposed to you and are able to give you good feedback about what they see in you. You will have to try different things and look out where your vitality gets higher and where it gets lower. The energy never lies. Trust your energy.

Don’t just take my word – take my story as an example of what can be possible for you.

In the past few years, I’ve battled cancer, jumped into the unknown, quit my job, taken inspired action in the direction of what feels good to me, discovered and started getting paid for doing what I love. I don’t know where exactly my life is going, and more and more I enjoy being in the unknown and following my own life energy.

Since I’ve become self-employed, I feel more happy and alive but also more scared than ever before. My life is a hell of a ride and I would not go back into my old life for a single day even if I had the choice.

So how will you start getting paid for doing what you love? Are you already doing so? How did you make it happen?

If you are inspired by Stefan’s story or advice, visit Stefan’s website to learn more about his coaching offers.