A Nighttime Contemplation: What I Am Grateful For

I love to sit in bed with the window open. This evening as I do so I breathe in the fresh, warm, late spring air, listening to the life around me. The sound of the city’s bustling finally coming to an end; the wind and echo of places far away. Distant ‘hills’ dwarfed by even further mountains surround me in bed each night as the lights of the outskirts sparkle and fade as if to say goodnight. My night light fades from ocean blue to deep black as stars leave their hiding places, leaving glimpses to be had and inviting me to those wider, more open spaces beyond the city’s limits. Perhaps the city can’t hold such bright things.

As I sit here after a day, a weekend, well spent, I contemplate once more, as I do every now and again, the richness of this life that surrounds me. More than that, it nourishes me, feeds and cares for me in a way that far outweighs my naive comprehension. I can only begin to try to understand…

In these moments there is a recognition of the richness of simplicity. Do you know how lucky you are to hear the birds sing? To witness the peaceful ending of a Sunday evening? To watch as strangers eat ice cream and live undisturbed, falling in love and watching their children play among the flowers and water fountains?

This is my perspective from my new home of Linz. In the city center, people appear to be bright and happy and carefree. They enjoy the pace of Sunday: slowness internalized.

That is not to say these people don’t have problems; although they are surely some of the most privileged people in the world. But no matter where you are, no matter your struggles, surely it is always possible to find the golden thread, the silver lining that’s holding this whole thing together, making our existence possible and somehow enjoyable in even the worst of circumstances.

This region, which has suffered the worst of human crimes and seen the darkest parts of our collective inhumanity, also happens to be blessed with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes known to man. Even in darkness, there is light.

In fact, humans will suffer in beautiful places – just as we will suffer in barren, desolate regions. We suffer in poverty; we suffer in extreme wealth.

What seems to separate us in the physical, material world, loses significance in the realm of the spiritual. The nourishment of your soul depends not on external, worldly pleasures, but on the quality of your ability to see life for what it is: a blessing.

Wealth, abundance is all around you.

Today I shared a photo of myself in the local mountains on social media. ‘Bragging’ that this beautiful place is only 45 minutes away from home – because isn’t that what we are supposed to do on social media anyway? Brag?

We can choose to see it that way, or we can choose to see it as our collective compulsion to make the best out of our lives – to see the very best in it even when circumstances are challenging. I didn’t need to have millions, thousands, or even hundreds of dollars in my bank account to enjoy this day at the lake.


Just as I don’t need more than a roof over my head to enjoy the view from my bedroom window – and that is what makes this life so good.

I’m so grateful for where my travels have taken me. Excited to be starting a new life in a new home in a new country. Without a doubt, I sense that I owe this extraordinary life to gratitude. Not because it made me rich – but because it gave me the ability to see the wealth that was already around me. And according to some – what we focus on grows. When you recognize the abundance around you, you will experience abundance. And the gifts that come with this abundance are great. Peace of mind, freedom from worry, freedom from pain, loving, healing energy and appreciation for all things. A feeling of wholeness that stretches from the skies down into your very core and back out again. A sense of oneness that, once unearthed, can never be destroyed. The gifts of gratitude can never be taken away from you.

Do you have a refrigerator complete with food? A computer with an internet connection? Fresh air and sunshine available to you anytime you’d like? Friends, family to greet, smile, hug, speak with and meet? Look at how the universe loves you!

Comment below, and tell us what you are grateful for 😃❤