Hey there, and welcome!

You’ve reached my website, which is currently mostly just a blog, with a story about how I learned to love my body hair. I plan to add more interesting stuff here later, so read that article now and then come back again soon.

With this site, I’m interested in showing you all what a good writer I am, finding my voice, practicing radical self-disclosure, being vulnerable with you, showcasing how great I am at Radical Honesty, sharing some ideas which I judge to be wonderful with you, getting you to join my cult, and making money doing what I love as a writer, coach and trainer; helping you to unlock your potential to experience more honesty, intimacy, joy, freedom, love and happiness (than you ever could have imagined!) in this one life.

Like I said, this website is still under development. Don’t judge me for it. Give me some tips on how I can make it better and make my dreams a reality. Collaborate with me. Get in touch to talk, tell me how you’re doing, or book a one-on-one coaching session. Would you be willing to? You can contact me here.

Thank you for finding your way here, and for everything you went through to get to where you are, right now, reading this. I appreciate you for stopping by.

With much love,